Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yeap... I just did it. I had decided to create a new Blog to capture any new ideas I come up with on a daily/weekly/ monthly basis, and... I Just did it!!
As with other blogs I have started in the past, my first post should explain the reason for creating the blog. In this case, most of the reason was already in my new years resolutions, here and here . More than anything else, I am hoping to capture any ideas here, before they just escape from my head into thin air, forever. And, I am also hoping that, writing about some of my ideas here, will make me more accountable, by making me feel guilty if I don't act on them (at least a little bit :)

So, there... done!

PS: Unfortunately the url was already taken (DUH!) (wonder why that didn't occur to me earlier), so I had to tweak that a little bit. Good thing is that the title doesn't have to match it, so I'm good!

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