Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Facebook Connect Test

I just discovered a cool way to connect Facebook with my blogs. If this works, it will allow all my FB pals (whos opinions I greatly value :-) to comment on any of my blog posts, using their Facebook IDs!!

If you want to help with this experiment, just click on the "comments" link, at the end of this post, where you should find an option to login, using your facebook ID (in addition to a couple others). Selecting the FB option should, depending on whether you are logged into FB on another tab of this browser or not, ask you to log in using your FB ID. Once you do that, you can post a comment and your FB profile pic will show up an an icon next to it, so you are not "Anonymous" anymore :)

How does it work?
It combines Blogger with Discuss and Facebook Connect through a simple FB application.

Is it secure?
Yes. It uses the same security features that are used to secure your facebook identity (API Keys and Application Secrets). What that means is, even though eveyone will see your FB profile pic as a small icon next to your comment, what they get to see when they click on it, depends on your FB security settings. If they are you friend, and are logged into FB, it'll take them to your profile page. If they are not your friend, they will see your "basic" public profile (whatever you have set that too).

If this works, I am hoping to enable this cool feature on my other two blogs (see top left side bar of this page) as well.

So, let me know how it goes!